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“After playing sports all my life, my muscles were like a tight rope and always hurting. I had my first massage ever by Renee in November of 2010. I had never felt so relaxed and limber in years. I felt WONDERFUL! Renee suggested 2-3 sessions within 3-5 days apart of each other would help with my tight muscles and pain and she was right! I have been going to Renee for massages weekly and have never felt better. I highly recommend Renee's massages!”

~ Laurie

Sports Massage Therapist

Sports Massages are designed to help prepare athletes for an upcoming event or act as a reparative therapy following an injury. This type of massage has become increasingly popular as a preparation tactic for those participating in endurance events such as marathons.

Sports Massage Therapy utilizes specific bodily manipulations to increase blood circulation to the muscles. This benefits the recipient in many ways, as it helps to prevent negative impacts such as soreness or tenderness of the muscles and joints, and it allows for a greater range of motion.

This type of massage includes pre-event, post-event and maintenance techniques that promote greater athletic endurance and performance. Sports Massages also aid the body's natural healing process following a grueling workout or competitive event. It can reduce the impact of injuries, stiffness, inflammation, and fatigue while minimizing your recovery time.

Sports Massages generally focus on specific areas – usually a part of the body that is causing pain, or the group of muscles that will be used in an upcoming event. These types of massages differ greatly from a full-body massage. This focus helps to maximize the regenerative benefits of your massage.

Sports Massages are certainly a worthwhile addition to any exercise routine. Take your pre-event preparations to the next level, or unwind after a demanding marathon with a Sports Massage from Hahn Wellness, located in West Des Moines.

Whether you need a prenatal massage, have a sports injury or simply want to relax, Hahn Wellness has several years of experience matching individuals with custom-tailored massage treatments. Take a step toward a healthier and more comfortable life by making an appointment today.

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